Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kross-Eyed Kritters

So, I got this Krazy idea that I would start a whole series of blocks and eventually make a quilt out of them. I just recently finished block #2.
You can get the free pattern at Craftsy.
 His name is An-Tony.   I am still new to this and would appreciate feedback.  I spent about 5 hours trying to make the pattern look good before publishing. Starting with EQ7 to PDF to Word to PDF.  I don't know what I am doing.  However I am learning. The format of my 2nd pattern already looks better than the first. I learned how to add copyright (c) was so easy a caveman could have figured it out.  I am not a caveman. :) I am now finished designing block #3. After I get it sewn I will have that available for free too. This is addicting, I already have the idea for block #4 in my head.  I will be in the upcoming Rush Hour blog hop on Tuesday September 30th and then Black Cat Crossing sometime October 20-31st. Well I have a krazy filled day so I hope you have a Kwilt Krazy day as well!
Sunday, July 13, 2014

Krazy Pattern Testers???

Hey ya’ll!  I have been teaching myself EQ7 and designed my very first applique block.  I got this idea from my granddaughters.  They visited a couple of weeks ago and went fishing for the very first time.  They each caught a couple of fish.
Cali, Carlee, and Granpa Matt

 When  Grand Pa Matt showed them the worms they were like…“ewwwww, yucky” but by the end of the day they asked if they could take them back home in their suitcase.  Hee hee! Carlee was so in love with one of her new friends she named him Wormey.  Sooooo, here is my first block.


Click here for the "free" pdf pattern!

This should be very quick and easy.  I think this is one a beginner could do. This is a 12" x 12" block.

 I would very much appreciate testers and feedback.  Good or Bad.  This was sew much fun and I have other ideas in my head.   I want to do a good job so I can share with everyone.  Since I am new to this any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. Check out the Sew Jo Saturday linky at My Go-Go Life for more inspiration!   Have a Kwilt Krazy Day!
Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy May Day!

My sweet Hubby helped me get my room organized again. I get overwhelmed when it gets too messy.  Luckily I have a man that is much more organized than I am and has great ideas and energy to get me going. I would not have done all this by myself.  I just kept twirling around in circles trying to decide where to start. It is still only a start.  I would like to get everything organized by color but that may take a year LOL.  Here is my new and improved sewing room.

Closet Hubby converted to a cool sewing table.  I can close the door but usually don't.

Hubby made a corner shelf for all of my many magazines and books and got these shelves for me from Home Depot to store fabric.

My Grandmother's old Singer is on a shelf for decor and Hubby made this cutting table for me. I keep the Charles Chips container for trashing fabric during cutting.  Only fabric that is way too small to keep. I am a scrap hoarder so it is probably only 1/8 inch when I throw it away.

I am not a great photographer so I closed my blinds to show my computer desk. Hubby made a top for my Grandmother's old Singer to covert to a desk.  The top was in real bad shape so he put a new piece of wood on top and stained it.  I like to play with the treadle foot while on the computer. 

 At my quarter seamer's club we are working on the Tree of Life.  This is Debbie Powell's completed Tree of Life.

The pattern is from the book Big Block Quilts by Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro.  Miss Lou will be showing us how to put all the blocks together on Monday.
I am proud I have gotten this far so fast.  I usually only have part of my homework finished.

 Today I am starting a new wall hanging.  I just loved this pattern.
It is Frog Days of Summer by Sandy Fitzpatrick of Hissyfitz Designs.  Check out her site she has lots of cute patterns. Well I guess I will start cutting. Have a Kwilt Krazy weekend!
Monday, April 14, 2014

Ahhh I can relax and start again

Love quilts finished yay! Thanks sew much to Miss Lou’s for allowing me to use her longarm machine I would not have met the deadline without it. I like to do charity quilts however working full time and having deadlines made it stressful. I will continue to make charity quilts but I need to work at my own pace. I was invited to a quilt retreat at Cedar Cross Retreat It was only 20 minutes from home and was a fun pajama party with a lot of sewing. A cute place tucked in the woods with no television just relaxation. This was my first time so I was the only one that ran out of projects. I need to bring more to sew next time. Luckily Debbie Powell from Miss Lou's was there to teach me the hand applique and embroidery techniques in order to make this cute pin cushion.
 I got the pattern from a vendor at a quilt festival a couple of weeks ago. Until next time have a Kwilt Krazy week!
Saturday, March 15, 2014

Krazy Kough

I don't feel great today but I have a lot to do.  I need to get these African quilts finished.  I don't know if this is allergies or a cold.  You know this winter has been Krazy.  70 one day and 16 the next.  Dang winter. I am ready for some Spring.  For the first time ever I am joining a linky party yahoo! Thanks sew much to Kim  @ My Go-Go Life for hosting this!
I have 2 wips today.  The first is the top to my 2nd love quilt for kids in Africa.  Which I have to have quilted and shipped out by April 1st.
 The center square is created and colored by children around the country. Aren't they cute? Sew sweet!

 My second wip is a new kraft. Krochet...I know crochet :)  He is my second project and I am kinda proud of how he is turning out.  I got this book at Walmart.  So, I had to challenge myself.

Here he is. Well, part of him. 
Thanks again to Kim for hosting the linky party!  Go to her site and check out the other sites for wonderful inspiration. Have a Kwilt Krazy Day!
Sunday, March 2, 2014

Heeeeeers Krazy!!!

Long time no blog.  After staring at the computer all day at work the last thing I want to do is get online again at home. I have been missing the blog community and thought I would try to blog once a week starting in January.  Well now it is March.  I really want to get back into this.  I enjoy all of the blogs, the hops, and there is so much wonderful inspiration out there.  Here is what I have been doing since my last post back in October. 
Beaquilter had a fun block swap. We each had to make 12 blocks and we received 12 in return.   Here are the ones that I did.

Around Christmas time my co-workers found out that I sew and started asking me to do things for them. Here are 2 Christmas Tree Skirts that I did for the first time and no pattern.

 I think I did pretty good J  I had measurement help from Hubby. Then another co-worker asked me to make a one panel curtain into a two panel curtain.   My Husband and I learned to knit (yes He, my hubby) he is now knitting more than me ha ha.  He said it is relaxing and I agree. So then I had another request from a co-worker to make scarves, then another, and another.

All of this at Christmas time ugh.  I just need to learn to say no sorry I can’t do that. Of course I had to make scarves for family gifts too.

 I really like Mollie Makes and issue #28 has this doll pattern and instructions so I had to make it for my daughter for Christmas.

 Then I volunteered to make two love quilts to be shipped to Africa by April. Here is the first one, not quilted yet.
 Today I am working on the second top.
 I am almost done and then have to quilt both of them.

 Then last week I taught myself to crochet.  It's not great, but my first crochet project.

See, that's why I haven't been blogging ha ha. Ut oh. I think I am now Kraft Krazy. Not a bad thing! 
Saturday, October 5, 2013

Krazy busy!

I joined so many things I have gotten too busy to blog.  Quilt challenges, Hops, Swaps, Charity Quilts, all sew much fun but boy it has been krazy.  I need to slow down and sniff the fabric LOL.  Here is a picture of a block I made for a swap hosted by beaquilter.
  Thank goodness she changed the deadline to Nov 1st, I am half way finished.   I need to make 12 total.
 I just finished another Quilt for Kids too! 

  I like the campground fabric. I made a little mistake.  Can you find it? I'm sure some little guy will like it anyway. Since I work full time I like to order the kits, I can whip them up much faster since they are already cut.  No cost for the kits just shipping $6.00 and you provide the batting.  Check it out if you or someone you know may be interested in making quilts for kids.  Have a Kwilt Krazy Day!

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